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Accident and Emergency

           Call an ambulance

Do not move the patient if  

  • You think there may be a back or neck injury or any other injury that could be made worse by movement
  •  The person is in shock
  •  The person has severe chest painsIf the patient is not seriously ill or injured
  •  Take the patient directly to the accident department of the nearest hospitalWhen to seek urgent medical attention
  •  Head injuries
  •  Loss of consciousness
  •  Severe bleeding, chest or stomach pains
  •  Broken or dislocated bones
  •  ChokingRecovery position

    If the patient is unconscious but breathing

  •  Turn them on their side
  •  Check airway is open by lifting their chin and tilting the head back slightlyHow to recognise severe chest pain or a heart attack
  •  Vice-like pain in the middle of the chest, often spreading down the left arm and jaw
  •  Shortness of breath
  •  Sudden faintness or giddiness
  •  Grey pallor to the skin
  •  Lips look blueWhat to do if the pain does not ease
  • Ring 999
  • Make the patient comfortableHow to recognise medical shock
  •  Patient becomes pale, sweaty, drowsy and confusedIf conscious
  •  Seek urgent medical help
  •  Reassure the patient
  •  Do not give anything to eat or drinkIf unconscious but breathing
  • Place in recovery positionBurns
    Apply large quantities of cold water to the affected area as soon as possible and maintain this until the pain subsides. This may take as long as 15 minutes! If the skin is unbroken but blistered, apply a loose, dry dressing.
    If the burn is larger than four or five inches in diameter or if the skin is broken, attending the Walk In Centre is advised for advice or dressing of the wound.
Veteran friendly accreditationVeteran friendly accreditation

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