Sick (fit) notes

It is not always necessary to see your GP if you require a fit (sick) note.

If unsure please ALWAYS telephone first & ask Reception.

We currently have many patients every day who attend for an appointment for a fit (sick) note when it is not necessary, which wastes both patient time and removes those appointments for people who really need them.



For the first 7 days that you are unable to work through sickness you can complete a self certification form called a SC2.

Please click on link below to download form

If you are in hospital, they will provide you with a fit (sick) note. They should also include any period necessary after you leave hospital. If necessary, this can be extended by your GP when you return home. You may not need an appointment for this, please telephone us on 652 4281 & ask the Receptionist to send a task through to the GP to enquire.

After the first 7 days, you will need a fit (sick) note from your GP.

When you know the date you are returning to work, we can often give you a ‘Return to Work’ note on request.

If you want to see your doctor solely to extend a fit (sick) note, please check with the receptionist whether an appointment is necessary.

Private Fit (Sick) Notes

If you want a note to confirm sickness within the first 6 days of absence this will require a private note for which a fee is due.